Social Media is undergoing rapid transformations where all the attention is now being put on the audience. Gone are days when we used to create content and update images on Social Media to market services and products. Brands are now concentrating more on engaging with their audiences by using:

  • Livestream as this allows audiences to connect and engage with the brands in real-time
  • Instagram stories for quick promotions
  • Social Shopping as brands is investing more in influencer marketing.
  • Increased presence on Twitter and live messenger.

Each social media channel has tools and methods you can use to identify interested people. If you follow them, and they are interested, chances are pretty good they will follow you back. You need to build an engaged audience. Fortunately, people on social media self-identify, and you can harness that.

Evaluate and determine which social media channels are best for your brand

Understanding that every brand/company does not have to be on every social media platform is necessary. We need to assess the company’s offering be it service or product; then understand its audience and where they are most likely to engage with the brand. Once we have established this, it becomes easier to focus on the channels that will most likely be successful for the client’s brand.

Beef up your bio

Consider your profile bio as a personal ad for social media sites. It helps people find you and influences them to follow you. Use searchable keywords and make it interesting. It does not have to be a dry list of qualifications. Include some personal details and make it personable. You can fit a surprising amount of information in a short paragraph.

Show some love

Here is the part a lot of businesses do not seem to get. The more you spread the love, the more you get in return. It is a little bit thrilling when a big name or a brand with a ton of followers responds or retweets an ordinary person. Brands that really engage in conversations and reshares tend to be talked about and written about.

Build your audience (inbound marketing)

Targeting people on social media is not always about finding them. It can be about helping them find you. The same tactics used for link building can be effective for audience building.

Building a targeted audience becomes easier over time. The more exposure you have, the more people find you, it is a natural progression. That does not mean you get to relax. Instead, you should turn up the heat. Your goal is not only to find a new targeted audience, it is to provide the content that keeps them interested. As you get to know your audience, you can better understand what makes them tick. What content they are most likely to read and share, what they want to know from you, and where to find them.

Targeting your social media audience is all about answering their needs, sparking their interest, and being a resource, they can count on. When you engage enthusiastic followers, they are all too happy to help you spread the word – and your fame.

Social Media Tools

Not in a particular order, here are some of my favorite social media tools:

  • Meltwater: This tool allows marketers to manage their social presence and engage with current and prospective customers. It gives more insights into audiences and how they consume content.
  • Google Trends: This allows us to know what is trending and how best to create content that will be engaging.
  • Canva: This tool allows marketers to create an image and video content without relying too much on graphic designers. It saves time and costs.
  • HootSuite: With Twitter introducing their scheduling option recently; I used HootSuite mostly to schedule content for specific calendar days or promotions. This also gives
  • Facebook Pixel: As I mentioned earlier, we are now focusing more on the audience; Facebook Pixel helps us a lot to measure audiences’ actions taken on the website and build the right audiences for specific campaigns.
  • Google Analytics: The beauty of online marketing is that we can track everything, and Google Analytics offer more insights and ROIs.

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